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Feb. 21-23, 2020


The latest NABI Newsletter Issue No. 24, Dec 19 is available . Happy viewing/reading.

NABI Newsletters
  • A coloured and pictorial Newsletter of NABI is published in the month of December each year by Hony. Secretary. The hard copies are posted individually to all members (by UPC) and the soft copy is sent electronically on all individual e-mail ID's available.

  • The contents usually comprise messages from the current President & Secretary, agenda for next ExCo and GB meetings, reports of last year's NABICON / CME's / academic activities, minutes of the GBM held during last NABICON, achievements of members, list of new members, change of address, obituaries etc.

  • Applications for various Awards & Fellowships given each year by NABI are also invited through the Newsletter.

  • Members are requested to inform the Hony. Secretary about their achievements / awards, change of address etc. for inclusion in the Newsletter. Any other pertinent information / suggestions may also be submitted electronically for consideration for inclusion in the Newsletter.

  • The soft-copies of only the following Newsletters are currently available with the Hony. Secretary. If any member has the soft-copy of other Newsletters, he/she may kindly forward the same as an attachment (MS word / PDF) for uploading on this website.

-Newsletter No.24, December 2019 (pdf.)
-Newsletter No.23, December 2018 (pdf.)
- Newsletter No.22, December 2017 (pdf.)
- Newsletter No.21, December 2016 (pdf.)
- Newsletter No.20, December 2015 (pdf.)
- Newsletter No.19, December 2014 (pdf.)
- Newsletter No.18, December 2013 (pdf.)
- Newsletter No.17, December 2012 (pdf.)
- Newsletter No.16, December 2011 (pdf.)
- Newsletter No.15, December 2010 (pdf.)
- Newsletter No.14, December 2009 (pdf.)